York Karate at the 1st JKS England black and brown belt course of 2020

Members of York Karate travelled down to Nottingham to take part in the first JKS England training course of 2020. The sessions were taken by Sensei Alan Campbell (7th dan and JKS England Chief Instructor) and sensei Matt Price (6th dan and JKS England squad coach).

Members of York Karate with sensei Alan and sensei Matt

Alan sensei's session starting with a quick squat/press-up warm-up and then went on to run through some kihon. Alan sensei spent a lot of time looking at the basics, stances in particular, and then we worked in pairs to carefully analyse each other's technique. To finish the session, we had a look at the brown belt kata Kanku Dai.

JKS England group photo following the first training session

Matt sensei then taught the kumite session. After a warm-up, Matt sensei looked at scoring points by hitting the target and ran a reaction drill switching between yuko, wazari and ippon. The session then focused on ashi barai (leg sweeps) and trying to secure the three points immediately following the sweep.

The kumite group with Sensei Matt

The next JKS England course will be on the 19th April. All details on courses and events run by JKS England can be found on their website