Harry Hardcastle secures his place on the English Karate Federation Squad

Harry Hardcastle has confirmed his position on the English Karate Federation national squad today, following an open training session in Halifax with England head coach Junior Lefevre. Kate Hambleton and Anya Holmes-Ellerker also attended the training session, Kate completing the kumite session and Anya the kata session with England head coach Ady Gray.

from left, Kate, Anya and Harry

This marks the end of a very successful year for Harry who won the British Championships several months ago. Being on the EKF squad will enable Harry to springboard on to the next level of competition as he tries to earn his place on the England A team. Harry is the first person from York Karate to reach such a level of competition and serves as inspiration to our other members. Keep up the great work Harry and good luck for 2020.