Final medal results published

Following the conclusion of the 2019 competition season, the final medal results have been calculated. All medals carry equal weight and only individual medals were counted. The final list was decided first by gold medals, then silver and then bronze.

For kata, congratulations to Anya Holmes-Ellerker on placing 1st on our list, winning 2 gold medals and 2 bronze medals. It should be mentioned that Finlay Roe was only beaten to 1st place by virtue of the fact that Anya won her medals in the senior events for her age, as Finlay also won 2 gold and 2 bronze medals. It will be very close between these two next year. To finish our top three, congratulations to Jena McNaught on placing 3rd with 1 silver and 1 bronze medal to her name. A rising star in the squad showing lots of potential in both kata and kumite.

1. Anya Holmes-Ellerker (2G, 2B)

2. Finlay Roe (2G, 2B)

3. Jena McNaught (1S, 1B)

4. Sam Watson (1S)

5. Amy Tegetmeier (1B)

=. Emily Frew (1B)

=. Isobel McGowan (1B)

=. Maurice Davis (1B)

=. Cameron Nakagawa (1B)

For kumite, congratulations to Harry Hardcastle on placing 1st this year with a very impressive 2 golds, 3 silvers and 3 bronze medals. Harry was chased hard this year by Sam Peacock, who has made a huge step forward from 2018, and finished the year on 1 gold, 2 silver and 2 bronze medals. Kate Hambleton rounds out the top three on 1 gold and 1 silver. It was very close, with 5 members of the squad all winning a gold medal this year. The full list is as follows:

1. Harry Hardcastle (2G, 3S, 3B)

2. Sam Peacock (1G, 2S, 2B)

3. Kate Hambleton (1G, 1S)

4. Amy Tegetmeier (1G, 5B)

5. Anya Holmes-Ellerker (1G)

=. Sam Watson (1G)

7. Kieran Morris (2S)

8. Jena McNaught (1S, 1B)

=. Maurice Davis (1S, 1B)

10. Isobel McGowan (2B)

=. Ethan Wood (2B)

12. Callum Stead (1B)

=. Sophie Frew (1B)

=. Finlay Roe (1B)

The overall top three York competitors for 2019 were:

1. Harry Hardcastle

2. Anya Holmes-Ellerker

3. Finlay Roe

Congratulations to all squad members for a fantastic year. Let's see what 2020 has in store!