Club Grading Courses

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All members of York Karate must have a valid JKS England license and this will need to be presented at the grading course in order to participate in the grading. If you need to apply for a license, or renew an existing license, please click the link below:

JKS England licensing

JKS England License


What are grading courses?

Grading courses are held three times a year and offer the opportunity for club members to progress to the next belt.


We have some of the top karate instructors visiting York in order to carry out the assessment and also to provide a special training course on the day. This allows our members to gain valuable instruction from these top black belts.


What is being assessed?

Assessment, depending on grade, is based around three criteria which are Kihon (basics), Kata (forms) and Kumite (sparring). These three elements are the corner stone of karate training. Whether a student passes of fails depends on a number things including technical understanding, speed, aggression and attitude.


To view the York Karate grading curriculum, please click here