Club Policies (updated 24/05/2019)

Risk Assessment

Potential risks and processes to mitigate them.

Complaints procedure

How the club will respond to complaints.

Flowchart - reporting concerns

How the club will respond to concerns raised.

Structure and Organisation

How the club is organised and how the Welfare Committee is organised.

Child Protection Policy

Practical advise for the safeguarding of children as well as guidelines and procedures for ensuring child safety.

Disciplinary rules and Procedures

Guidelines and rules for handling disciplinary issues within the club.

Code of Conduct for instructors/coaches

How instructors and coaches should act and behave within their offical capacity as a club instructor.

Athletes code of conduct

How members/athletes should act and behave whilst training, competing or represent the club.

Terms & Conditions of membership

The terms and conditions that you agree to when becoming a member of JKS York Karate Club.

Parents code of conduct

How parents should act and behave whilst supporting their children in karate.