JKS York Karate Club

Authentic and traditional karate

JKS York karate club was formed when Sensei Simon departed from Haxby Karate Club and formed his own club. He felt that JKS karate was not being sufficiently promoted within the wider city of York and so decided to establish a club that could reach across the city.


To this end, JKS York Karate Club was formed in April 2012. In only a few months, the club has grown to include nearly 200 members training every week, making JKS York one of the largest and most successful karate clubs in the city.


JKS York Karate Club Aims to:


further the objectives of Shotokan Karate, and the Japan Karate Shotorenmei (JKS) through excellent standards of practice, coaching and instruction. 

 promote karate as a martial art, and a sport, that can be enjoyed by 
everyone in society that wishes to participate

encourage its members to participate in competitions and 
will support any members who aspire to represent their country.