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JKS England is a constituent of JKS GB & Ireland. The Japan Karate Shotorenmei (GB & Ireland) is directly affiliated to the JKS in Japan. 

The Japan Karate Shotorenmei (Ireland) was established in October 2002 after Scott Langley graduated from the instructor’s course. He was sent to Ireland with a mandate of establishing JKS karate within the area. 

Quickly dojos in the UK also affiliated and the organisation became known as the Japan Karate Shotorenmei (GB & Ireland). 

In spring 2003 Alan Campbell, a sempai of Scott Langley, joined the JKS (GB & Ireland) and since then, he has worked hard to promote JKS Shotokan Karate in the UK.


Aims of JKS England

To teach traditional Shotokan Karate as taught at the JKS Hombu Dojo, Japan.


To provide a fair, legitimate organisation.


To allow access to the best instruction and competition.


To have all dan grades registered with Japan.


To allow members to qualify as JKS instructors, examiners and referees.


To help students and instructors achieve their goals within karate.


To maintain and develop the connection with Japan.


To actively promote JKS (GB & Ireland)members to enter Teikyo University and the Hombu Dojo Instructor’s Course


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