About us

York Karate Club is a traditional martial arts club. We have strong conncections with the historical roots of karate in Japan, we are associated with a worldwide, respected association (the Japan Karate Shoto Federation) and our instructor has over 15 years karate experience and holds the grade of Sandan (3rd degree) black belt. We are a fun, family orientated club that believes the martial arts have much to offer anyone or any age. 

Club instructors and black belts

Sensei Simon Flint is the instructor at York Karate Club.


Please take the time to read his personal biography here.

About the club

The club is open to anyone who wishes to study a martial art. With locations based around the city, there is sure to be a class near you.

About the association

The association is the national body of the JKS in England and is here to support it's members of all ages, abilities and aspirations. The association promotes traditional Shotokan Karate as taught at the JKS Honbu Dojo in Tokyo, Japan. The strong ties with Japan provide exceptional opportunities for our members, from having our Dan Grades registered in Japan to annual trips to train in Tokyo.